PRS has started to offer Remotely Piloted Air System (R.P.A.S) Data Collection carried out by our friends in Osprey Integrity. Osprey owns a variety of drones and sensors.
The sensors in their arsenal are:
• Sony RX1R II - 42 MP visual sensor GSD down to 7mm - Available on Wingtra Platform

• Zenmuse Z30 - 30 x optical zoom and 6 x digital zoom in real time - Available on DJI Matrice 210-RTK Platform

• Flir XT2 - 640 x 512 IR resolution with 30Hz frame rate. Overlays with 4K visual through DJI MSX function (if req'd). - Available on DJI Matrice 210-RTK

• Micasense Red-Edge - 5 band multispectral (R,G,B, NIR, RE) - Available on Wingtra Platform

• Micasense Altum - 5 band multispectral + LWIR band - Available on DJI Matrice 210-RTK