Aerial Data Collection

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PRS has started to offer Remotely Piloted Air System (R.P.A.S) Data Collection carried out by our friends in Osprey Integrity. Osprey owns a variety of drones and sensors.
The sensors in their arsenal are:
• Sony RX1R II - 42 MP visual sensor GSD down to 7mm - Available on Wingtra Platform

• Zenmuse Z30 - 30 x optical zoom and 6 x digital zoom in real time - Available on DJI Matrice 210-RTK Platform

• Flir XT2 - 640 x 512 IR resolution with 30Hz frame rate. Overlays with 4K visual through DJI MSX function (if req'd). - Available on DJI Matrice 210-RTK

• Micasense Red-Edge - 5 band multispectral (R,G,B, NIR, RE) - Available on Wingtra Platform

• Micasense Altum - 5 band multispectral + LWIR band - Available on DJI Matrice 210-RTK



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AeroGeo conducts aerial and ground surveys, LiDAR (airborne and terrestrial), digital mapping, orthophoto production, hyperspectral imagery, underground mapping, volumetric calculations, and other related services. Our firm serves all levels of government, engineering, forestry, mining, construction, industrial and environmental consulting companies.

Incorporated in 1975 Aerogeo onducts aerial and ground surveys, aerial and terrestrial LiDAR, digital mapping, orthophoto production, volumetric calculations, and other related services for over 4 decades.

UAViation services include Survey-Grade Mapping, 3D Modelling, LiDAR Point Cloud, Infrastructure Inspection, Telecom and Utilities Inspections, Construction Monitoring and Documentation, Commercial Real Estate Marketing and View Studies, First Responders, Search & Rescue and many other aerial photography and videography applications. Their exceptional Live-Stream capabilities have also proven invaluable for many of our clients and industries when there is a need to have an eye in the sky remotely. It can be viewed securely from anywhere in the world with minimal delays and quick setup.